Did you know that Islam is the 2nd largest faith in the world?

What is your familiarity about Islam and its contributions to history, culture, and science?

Why do Muslims pray 5 times a day?

Learn the answers to these questions and more through this unique experience!

About the Workshop

Gateway to Islam is a 90-minute, museum-like experience where students travel through 10 different stations to learn basic Islamic tenets and increase their global awarness of differing world views. Students learn and discuss the impact of religious beliefs on history, culture and conflict.

During this interactive workshop, students view artifacts, participate in activities, and complete a handout to record their experience.

At the end of this workshop, students have the option to sign an anti-bullying pledge for social responsibility towards coexistence with Muslim students.

Learning Outcomes

Global Awareness

Conflict and Coexistence

Social Responsibility

UEN Social Studies Standards

This program was developed in alignment with the Utah Education Network Social Studies Standards I-IV for 6th grade.

Ambassador of Peace Certificate

At the end of this workshop, students have the opportunity to sign a pledge to show goodwill and fellowship to Muslim students and families in their school and community. By taking this pledge, students receive a certificate as an ambassador of peace.

Last year, the program certified over 200 student ambassadors of peace.

Forging Cultural Understanding

This program began in 2018. A teacher approached me at an interfaith conference where I was speaking on the panel. I mentioned I am an educator and taught in middle school for English/language arts.

The teacher asked if I could come give a lecture at her local school when they were assigned to study Islam. We spoke and I decided to develop a child-centered workshop, where the children could gain exposure to basic tenents in an engaging way.

Last year, a neighboring school invited me to come deliver the workshop to their school as well.

I am now actively seeking more schools to present to and certify as many children as possible as peace ambassadors.

As a 2nd generation Muslim-American (born and bred in the states), I experienced bullying as a child and seek to dispel disinformation about this largely misunderstood faith.

There's a growing need for Americans to learn about Islam as a faith and Muslims. Images in news and media share distored and rudimentary interpretations of this faith and its attributes.

I seek to help children and adults better understand Islam from my unique lens as a Muslim, American and educator. I offer learning workshops and presentations with question and answer discussions, to dispel stereotypes and bridge communities together.

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