Career Resources For 

L&D Job Seekers

A-Z Instructional Design Skills

What are some of the top skills employers are searching for in an L&D practitioner? 

Review this list and include what fits in your specific toolkit.

A-Z ID Expertise

30 L&D Job Titles

There are tons of jobs in Learning and Development. I've located and compiled a list of at least 30 different roles. These are useful whether you are entering L&D or looking to advance your career. Enter these job titles or related roles in your next job search. 

30 L&D Job Titles

The Backwards Design Resume

Start with the goal in mind and build your resume backward to showcase your greatest achievements and demonstrate what you can offer to your next employer. 

The Backwards Design Resume

How to Find a Job in Instructional Design

In this Community Discussion TLDCast episode, Rubina Halwani led an excellent conversation about finding jobs in Instructional Design. 

Job Descriptions of L&D

What are employers seeking from Instructional Designers/L&D professionals today? Are they asking for too much? What does too much look like? How do you negotiate terms during the hiring process so that the work conditions are more favorable? Heidi Kirby & Rubina Halwani share insights from the field. 

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